COVID At-Home Test Kits

Malcolm Grow Medical Clinics and Surgical Center can now dispense antigen-based COVID-19 tests directly to patients for at-home use. We are authorized to dispense up to eight (8) individual tests per 30-day period, or per calendar month, per ID card holder. Each ID holder must present in person to receive tests. Any TRICARE-eligible beneficiary with an ID card including: TRICARE Select, TRICARE for Life, TRICARE Prime to the network, etc. is eligible to receive these at-home tests.

TRICARE beneficiaries have multiple other options to access free at-home tests:

  • Beneficiaries may order four tests per household online at Some restrictions apply, check the website for details.
  • Beneficiaries may be able to get a free test from local governments, libraries, or other entities. Check local websites for test availability.
  • If beneficiaries have other private or employer-sponsored health insurance, they may be eligible for reimbursement for up to 8 at-home COVID-19 tests per month (per individual).
  • Some military hospitals or clinic may have free at-home tests available for distribution. Beneficiaries should check the facility‚Äôs homepage or social media sites to see when and where the military hospital or clinic may be distributing tests.

*Please report any positive at-home test results to your PCM.

**Ellume test kits are not suitable for use on children under two (2) years old. Please contact child’s PCM for further guidance or schedule on-site appointment for a PCR test.

***At this time, due to limited supply, we are only able to give out two (2) tests per ID card holder, per scheduled pick-up appointment (if more than two tests are needed, please book an additional appointment). We will provide updates to supply quantities as they are available.

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